What We're Reading - December 16

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New new Twitter

Just went you got used to new Twitter, there’s a new new version. And this one includes brand pages. So far those brand pages are limited to 21 advertising partners and charities including CocaCola, DisneyPixar, and McDonalds. They’ll be rolled out to a wider audience over the next few months.

I remember when….

The holidays always make us nostalgic, so here’s blast from the past - see how 20 popular sites looked when they first launched including Google, the Facebook, Apple, and Whitehouse.gov.

Public Messages vs. Direct Messages

In case we all need a reminder about direct vs. public messages (and why you should probably just text when you’re sending your phone number), Charlie Sheen accidentally tweets his phone number.

HTTP Status Cats

In true Internet fashion, there’s now a way to help you remember http status codes… with cats.

Online activity

According to a recent report by comScore, more than 200 billion online videos were viewed in October and over 40% of those were on YouTube. This makes the new YouTube metrics even more important.

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