What We're Reading - July 29

Posted by Lisa King under Social Media

Google link removal requests

Turns out Google had made it a little too easy to request link removals through Webmaster Tools, and you could briefly request the temporary removal of any page in the index. (That's been fixed now - you can only remove pages on domains you control.)

Video sharing sites

According to a recent report by the Pew Internet Project, 71% of online adults use video sharing sites. If you’re looking for the best way to engage your audience, consider video tutorials, product demos, etc.

More social media facial recognition?

Despite the recent privacy concerns over Facebook's implementation of automatic tagging of photos, Google has apparently purchased PittPatt. Though early predictions seem to be that it will be used in Google + Hangouts rather than for automatic tagging of photos.

Twitter ads in your timeline

If you follow a company or brand, their promoted tweets may soon start showing up in your Twitter timeline if all goes according to plan, according to the New York Times.


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