What We’re Reading – May 20

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Removing URLs from Google

Removing URLs from Google’s search results just got a little easier with this announcement from Google Webmaster Central. As long as you are the verified owner of the site, you can temporarily remove the page from search results (up to 90 days) while more permanent measures are being taken.

Remembering Fallen Journalists

According to the YouTube blog, YouTube and the Newseum are launching a Journalist’s Memorial Channel on YouTube. The channel is the digital version of the Newseum’s  Journalists Memorial which honors journalists who have died in pursuit of a story. This year 77 names are being added to the list.

This is your brain on Twitter

The New York Times asks if Twitter and Facebook are making us stupid. Some say it depends on how you use it and who you follow.

Twitter Ads

Speaking of Twitter, apparently the first results on promoted Tweets and topics are less than stellar. But it looks like Twitter is working to fix the issues.

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