What We're Reading - May 13

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Online news

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism released a new study on Navigating News Online - where people go, how they get there, and what lures them away. I was surprised by how many are casual visitors rather than regular readers - interesting reading for anyone considering a subscription model.

Are the rich differet online too?

Turns out, yes - according to a recent study they interact differently on social media. They aren't looking to discover brands or discounts, but to stay on top of trends and maintain a connection with brands they already know. Luxury brands on social media should take note and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Your own project runway

Design your own and customization is a trend that continues to grow, but is it as easy as it looks? The New York Times finds some flaws in the interface and the results.

April Analytics Data?

Finding some weird looking trends (or no data) when you look at your April data in Google Analytics? It's not just you - it's a known issue that Google is working to resolve. According to the Analytics Blog, no data has been lost and they hope to have a fix up by early next week.

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