What We're Reading - April 29

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Deals come to Facebook

With the popularity of Groupon, Living Social and other local deal sites, it was inevitable - deals come to Facebook. Previously Facebook offerred deals when you checked in to a location, but now they are offering deals based on your local area. Facebook is piloting their new deals in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Franciso.

The Facebook deals differ from those offered by Groupon or Living Social (and can be more attractive to business owners) because the discounts aren't as steep. Deals are also purchased with Facebook credits.

Is that distraction or a new way of paying attention?

A List Apart argues that people twittering during a presentation can be involving others in the conversation while the New York Times argues for "keeping your thumbs still while I'm talking to you."

Does your phone know where you are? (Redux)

Last week we talked about the controversy over smartphones tracking your location. This week Fast Company discusses why you might want it.

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