What We're Reading - April 15

Posted by Lisa King under Social Media

Is everyone having more fun than you?

Apparently there's a new social disorder caused by social networks - Fear of Missing Out - when everyone else is posting about all the fun they're having and you're not. Jenna Wortham talks about her own experiences in the New York Times.

Doing Social Media Right

Social Media Examiner talks about 9 companies doing social media right and highlights why their efforts are working for them and their audience.

Video properties

The lastest comScore report tracks how much time people spend watching videos online and where - YouTube is on top with an average of 4.6 hours per month, and Hulu tops the list of video ads viewed.

One feature likely responsible for boosting YouTube's time is their new live event streaming channel that has recently carried some world-wide sporting events and technology launches.

How and where do people use their tablet devices?

The most popular use is playing games but second is searching for information according to a new report by AdMob.

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