What We're Reading - March 4

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Designing registration processes for kids

A List Apart provides a great explanation of what you can and can't ask for from kids, as well as what kids expect from a web site registration process (they're more savvy than most adults give them credit for).

Facebook understands

Facebook recently added more relationship options. US residents can now add "in a domestic partnership" and "in a civil union" along with the existing relationship options. Facebook said this is in response to requests from users. The new relationship status options have not yet been added to Ad targeting, but one imagines that advertisers would appreciate the option.

Google News just for you

In addition to the major news categories in Google News, you now have the option to save specific searches and add them as a topic to your Google News. It's a great way to follow an ongoing story or an industry trend.

Twitter advertising for all

Twitter advertising isn't just for the big brands anymore. Twitter is now helping small businesses use  promoted tweets and accounts.

SXSW - love it or hate it

South by Southwest starts next week and if you're there, it's a great experience. If you're not, all those tweets and check-in from everyone who is either just makes you jealous or clutters up your stream. So here's a list of tools that can remove tweets by hashtag.

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