What We're Reading - January 7

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Ever wonder how Blackberry got its name?

Or Swiffer? The authors of Made to Stick write about a team that's developed a unique methodology for creating product names - one that has served them well.

No more outdated dining guides

Ever find yourself carrying around last year's travel guide and wondering if the restaurant is still good (or open)? Springwise writes about SpagoGuida - integrating QR codes into the printed guides, linking to updated online content. This is one of the more interesting uses of QR codes that we've seen and helps improve the shelf life of a printed product.

Can't find what you're looking for on Twitter?

Social Media Today lists 50 resources for searching on Twitter including by keyword, groups of people and topic.

Social proof

The most interesting book I read last year was Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and one of the major principles for persuasion was social proof. Marketing Profs has a great article on social proof which is going to be one of the biggest topics of 2011.

Who's your mayor?

If you live in the Northeast and got snowed in over the holidays, you probably wish Cory Booker was your mayor - he was on Twitter while shoveling out driveways and even delivering diapers.

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