What We're Reading - October 29

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Google - not just for searching anymore

Google sites account for 6.4% of all global internet trafic according to Arbor Networks.  Most interestingly, traffic to Google sites is growing considerably faster than overall Internet volume - largely due to YouTube's growth.

Most engaged audience

According to the latest numbers from comScore, Russians are the most involved in social networks compared to other nationalities. In August, 74.5% of Russian internet users visited at least one social networking site. I was in Russia in August and every cafe and restaurant (even nice ones) offers free WiFi which helps considerably.

Farewell Sony Walkman

We knew this day would come, but now that it's here... Sony has ceased production of the Walkman - the portable cassette player that first let us know that we wanted to be plugged into music as we walked around. Now what will I do with that Miami Vice soundtrack cassette?

Keeping up with new technology

The Washington Post asks: How much social networking is enough? When do you say "I'm good with what I'm doing."

Most annoying smartphone habits

CNN lists the most annoying smartphone habits. Of other people of course... we never do any of these ourselves. Really.

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