What We're Reading - October 22

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Talking about us

Mobile Marketer talks about the new Apple iAd from GEICO and the creative team at CDG Interactive.

How did you want to pay for that?

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Facebook had switched over to credits. This week they expanded the options for how you can purchase credits, adding more than 20 new ways that people can pay for credits. In addition to gift cards available at Target, the majority the new ways have implications for international audiences with the addition of localized payment options. Developers won't have to do anything to get access to these new payment options - they will be automatically appear in the proper region in the payment interface.

When should you Twitter?

Interesting discussion ensues in Washington DC after a theater critic tweets during intermission.

Secure your information

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and our friends at Google have a few reminders to help us stay safe.

team up to create iAd
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