What We're Reading - September 10

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New journalism and the "Google Gods"

Journalism is changing to "appease the Google Gods" according to Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post (though I might argue with him about whether some of those former headlines were as clever as the newspapers thought they were).

Approaching content strategy in a new way

A List Apart talks content strategy - including three reasons not to select a particular Content Management System (they're more common than you might think).

Not Found

404 Not Found is usually not the most popular page on your site. (And we always recommend a customized page to help visitors get back on track quickly.) Mashable presents a round-up of 35 entertaining 404 pages that you might actually want to go looking for.

Facebook search

We all wondered what Facebook would do with posts, pages and information that we "liked." And now we have at least a partial answer. As of this week you'll start seeing additional results when you use the search feature on Facebook that will show you which of your friends shared a particular link or liked a post containing your search terms.

Google in an instant

The launch of Google Instant (currently just in the U.S. and for searchers logged in to their Google accounts) had the web buzzing this week: what are the implications for SEO and AdWords, for example? Will it change the way people search? Meanwhile, one agency offered a way to track the new Instant searches in Google Analytics.

Curated book collection

This list is for service designers which is nice since dedicated books are few and far between.

Know of any other good curated lists?

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