What We're Reading - August 27

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Decisions, decisions

Your website analytics will never be 100% accurate and that's okay. TopRank reminds us that you can still make decisions with the data you have. Plus additional information about why your analytics (or the way you talk about them) might not be working and 13 tools to help.

How to find ideas

Matt Cutts writes about how to find start-up ideas based on where there's clutter in your life. This is particularly interesting right now with the ongoing discussions about reducing clutter and even extreme minimalism (living with only 100 items) - which depends on digital replacements for physical possessions (ebooks instead of books, etc.).  I'm curious to see if this becomes a wider trend.

News of tomorrow

The Nieman Journalism Lab (of Harvard's Nieman Foundation) talks about what news organizations can do to tap the potential of younger consumers and how they can attract and keep young consumers.

Where do I go from here?

A List Apart talks about why it's unfortunate that good help is hard to find. When we're building applications, websites, etc., it's tempting to believe that we've done such a good job no one could need help. But these are our customers who may leave in frustration if they can't complete their desired task.
Why not put the extra effort into making sure they can?

Some days are better than others

JetBlue knows that and stayed true to themselves in a recent blog post when they were the story.

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