What We're Reading - July 2

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Series Wrap-Up

First, this week we're going to wrap up our series on How Can I Tell If My Website is Successful and share some of the resources we find helpful 

  • Avinash Kaushik's post on Web Analytics 101 where he defines goals, metrics, KPIs, dimensions and a bunch of great information you need to get started.
  • From Management for Dummies, how to set SMART goals (that are measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound).
  • SEOMoz explains how to create great keyword ranking charts with Excel pivot charts. SEOMoz also offers a variety of tools (including the keyword rank checker).
  • For assistance with setting up goal funnels in Google Analytics, Google support has some great advice
  • ConversionGate offers a new metric called "flounce rate" to segment out visitors who depart from high engagement pages. We've found examining the differences between those visitors and converting visitors to be very enlightening.

App vs. Mobile Web

Mashable discusses why you may not need a mobile app. Remember comScore mentioned a few weeks ago that more users use their mobile devices to access websites than apps, so it's a timely argument.

Privacy on Social Media

It's come up before but it never hurts to talk about it again. Search Engine Watch has a good list of ways to control your privacy on social media sites, including understanding what information applications are asking for and not using correct answers in the security questions.

Marketing Trends for Small Business

TopRank has 3 small business marketing trends that you shouldn't ignore.

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